Some BB Couture ("California Beaches")

Man, there are so many great songs about California, aren't there? I definitely think of The Beach Boys as the quintessential California band, though. Love them.

My mom is from California, so we have always spent a lot of time out there. I love Minneapolis, but being so busy with school I can't say I haven't deeply deeply missed so many things about California over the past few years. I can't wait to get back there.

I don't have any new pictures at the moment (I just changed my manicure and need sunlight to get pictures that capture its full glory - just wait!), so here are some old pictures from BB Couture's Spring 2009 "California Beaches" collection. It is basically really easily to sucker me into getting nail polish if you give it a name that holds sentimental value for me. It helps that most of the polishes in this collection are really stunning. I also have Moon Over Manhattan, Balboa Beach Bunny, and Catalina Cutie, but I can't find the pictures on my computer right now. These are old pictures with my old camera so please forgive any aesthetic unsightliness.

BB Couture in Hermosa Surfer Girl
BB Couture in Hermosa Surfer Girl with Essie Matte About You 

BB Couture in Hermosa Surfer Girl is a raspberry jelly with small, iridescent glitter. It's both bright and deep at the same time. Application is nice and easy, though a bit thick. I've actually never been to Hermosa Beach, so I don't know if this is a polish that fits the city. It definitely reminds me of summers on the beach in California. Pinks go great with my tan!

BB Couture in Laguna Lagoon 
BB Couture in Laguna Lagoon

BB Couture in Laguna Lagoon is a gorgeous mint green creme. I love mint greens and this is a favorite. I would call it a pistachio green actually, since it's a bit more yellow-toned. Application was very nice, not streaky. Laguna Beach is one of my favorite places in Orange County, and this represents the laid back vibe perfectly to me. It's not too stark a mint and the yellower tone seems a little nostalgic of the '70s. Laguna is not like the TV show in my experience; it's much more of an arty community.

BB Couture in Midnight Malibu 
BB Couture in Midnight Malibu with Essie Matte About You

BB Couture in Midnight Malibu is another jelly with iridescent glitter. I think BB Couture has one in almost every color at this point! In this case, the jelly base is a deep indigo blue, so it's a bit purple based, but still definitely blue. Application is the same as with Hermosa Surfer Girl. I have nothing against Malibu, but it's never been a destination city for me. It did have my favorite little Italian restaurant, Allegria, on PCH, but the last time I went there, it had closed! The best pumpkin tortellaci I've ever had. My belly misses you, Allegria!

So what's your favorite California song? Do you guys love BB Couture as much as I do? I have trailed off in purchasing them lately for no reason really, except that there are constantly new brands to try. I have a ton on my wishlist, though! One thing I love about BB Couture is that they generally don't have limited-edition collections, so you don't have to scramble to snatch something up. This is something that frequently frustrates me about some other brands, and I love that BB Couture caters to their customer rather than hype.


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