Chanel in #607 Delight

Chanel in #607 Delight

This is Chanel in #607 Delight from the Summer 2012 "Summertime de Chanel" (which seems like a very un-French collection name, by the way!). This is a great polish, with very easy, smooth application in two coats. It's not the most flattering to my skintone right now, but with a tan I anticipate it will look great. I'm going to try topping it with some glitter later! This is a rose gold foily color - a mix of copper, gold, and silver particles. In some lights it looks more light true gold and in some it looks a bit like a bronze-taupe, but in most it's rose gold. Most of the pictures I've seen of this polish haven't been color accurate. Sabrina from The Beauty Look Book has good pictures in her comparison post. Delight's got that foil finish grip to the nails - even with acetone it didn't want to come off; thankfully the formula is really nice, so I didn't have much clean up to do. I have some comparisons later on in the post. This shade is limited-edition. Worn May 11-14, 2012. These pictures were taken in low light, indoors, because it's the only light that captured the true color.

Some people have compared Delight to Chanel in #529 Graphite and Chanel in Gold Fingers, but the finish is different. Graphite and Gold Fingers are suspended in a sheerer, more jelly base; you need three coats for both of these polishes. They have the same shimmer particles, but the base of Delight is like a foil rather than sheer.

Top to bottom: Chanel in #607 Delight, Chanel in #529 Graphite, Chanel in Gold Fingers

Of the Chanel polishes I own, #479 Kaleidoscope has the same finish, but Delight has three different color particles, whereas Kaleidoscope has only one (although it has a duochrome shift). I also have it compared to Orly in Luxe, which was part of the "Foil FX" collection. You can see that compared to Luxe, which is a gold foil, Delight is clearly rose gold, but they have the exact same finish. I own Orly in Rage, which is the copper from the same collection; however, it's still packed from my move. From other pictures of Rage, it looks more pink and silver than Delight.

Top to bottom: Chanel in #607 Delight, Chanel in #479 Kaleidoscope, and Orly in Luxe

Here are a few other polishes that are similar. You can see that they are all different. I don't know that you necessarily need all of them since rose gold/copper can be a tricky color to pull off. Look into one that will best suit your skin tone! Delight, Diamond Cosmetics in #231 Party Hearty, and BB Couture in Dancing Queen have the same finish. Of these three, Delight has the blingiest finish and Dancing Queen the least. Party Hearty shows brush strokes a little, whereas the others don't. Butter London in The Old Bill is a metallic, but doesn't show brush strokes. Delight is the most gold. Party Hearty is the lightest and the most pink. Dancing Queen is the most brown, a taupe. This Old Bill is more copper. The Old Bill looks a bit dark compared to the others, but it's still light, like a new penny.

Top to bottom: Butter London in The Old Bill, Chanel in #607 Delight, Diamond Cosmetics in #231 Party Hearty, and BB Couture in Dancing Queen

UPDATE: I finally got out Orly in Rage, so you can see the difference between the two. Rage is more pink than Delight, although they look like they have the same amount of silver in them.

Left to right: Orly in Rage, Chanel in #607 Delight
Left to right: Chanel in #607 Delight, Orly in Rage

 So what's your favorite? Will you be picking Delight - or any of these other polishes up?


  1. Thank you for doing the comparison with Orly Luxe! It's really helpful!)

  2. Maria - No problem! Hopefully I'll add Rage to this post soon as well!


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