Estée Lauder in #26 Metallic Sage

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So, yes, this is a very pretty polish. (Sorry about the fingerprints.) Estée Lauder in #26 Metallic Sage is, oddly enough, a sage-y green that has gold and rose gold shimmer, which can make it look warm olive in some lights and more muted and sage-y in others (see my last picture).

However, the formula was really obnoxious to work with. It's thin and sheer, but also gloppy and goopy when you add more than one coat. The brush is floppy and soft. Together the combination is not fun. Obviously, I managed, but I had to re-do a few nails, which I don't like to do. Also, and I know this is ridiculous given my love of Chanel polishes, but I think the price point is out of whack for what you get here, both quality and quantity (also, see MAC polishes). This was $19 for .3 fluid ounces or $63.33 per ounce. Chanel is currently $26 for .4 fluid ounces or $65 per ounce, but I consider it more of a collector's item and I really like the brush, wear, and design of the bottles. Your mileage may vary, and I totally understand if it does! I would say Zoya in Yara is similar to this polish; it's a sparklier, much cheaper alternative with a better formula (see Scrangie's swatches here).

In any case, this was limited-edition with the Fall 2011 "Modern Mercury" collection. On a positive note, I will say it's wearing well. Worn April 27-May 2, 2012.

What do you guys think? Is it worth the price - or did you have better application? Do you think I'm ridiculous for justifying Chanel and poo-pooing Estée Lauder? I know I am!

Also, I put up a partial list of my nail polish collection on the top of my page (probably 2/3 is packed away from my move, so I don't have those listed), so if you have a request for a swatch or comparison, let me know!

Direct sunlight
Direct sunlight
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