Clarins in 230

There's really nothing else that needs to be said, is there?

This is going to be a picture heavy post! The magical thing about Clarins in 230 is that you can never pin it down. It can be worn on it's own, or it can be layered over anything: it transforms any color. I will admit that I got this for a mildly hefty price on eBay, but I think it was worth it.

Indirect sunlight
This is kind of the base state of Clarins in 230 (layered here over Illamasqua in Baptiste). It's a violet jelly base, so it doesn't really affect Baptiste, but the shimmer pigments glow red-bronze-orange.

Direct sunlight
The same state in direct sunlight. You can see the shimmer isn't shy indoors, but it loves the sun.

Clarins in 230 shifts from this shimmer to gold, olive-gold, and green. I can't find any rhyme or reason to when, where, why, or how the color will decide to shift. That's what makes it magical.

Direct sunlight
These pictures show off different facets of the shimmer on each nail! Sometimes it shifts from nail to nail. Sometimes it shifts on the whole nail.

Indirect sunlight
Sometimes it shifts on all nails. Sometimes it shifts on the edges of the nail.

Indirect light (during a rainstorm)

This isn't one of those polishes that only shifts in sunlight.

Indirect light (during a rainstorm)
This isn't one of those polishes that only shifts from certain angles.

It's a great polish.

Frankly, I wasn't happy with layering it over Illamasqua in Baptiste since I'm not really in a vampy mood. I should have layered it over Deborah Lippmann in Call Me Irresponsible! Sarah at Chalkboard Nails has pictures of the same combo I used, and it looks great on her.

Clarins in 230 is still sometimes available, although pricy, on eBay. Otherwise, make friends and hope that someone wants to swap or decant for you! It's worth it. Dupes? Girly Bits in Shift Happens seems to be a match (see Polarbelle's comparison and The PolishAholic's swatches). Scrangie (here) and Steffels (here) did comparisons to other polishes.

Worn from May 3-6, 2012.

Do you think Clarins in 230 lives up to the hype? What are your favorite layering combinations for it?


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