Chanel in #589 Élixir + Comparisons

Direct sunlight

I realized that it's been a long time since I've had Chanel up on the blog, and the last Chanel swatches in my backlog (#571 Fracas) are not color-accurate enough for my liking, so yesterday I slapped on Chanel in Élixir. I'm in an accelerated polish rotation state right now because the end of summer is pressing in on me, and I still haven't worn a neon - I own like 50 neons! - I still haven't worn my white cremes - those need to be worn with a tan! So I've got to get some more colors on my fingers more frequently. At least now I have Chanel's fall collection completed. Élixir is part of the Fall 2013 "Superstition" collection, but its a nice year-round color.

Chanel describes Élixir as a "milky pink." I'd call it a watermelon creme that has a bit of dustiness to it. Really pretty, and I don't have anything like it in my collection. This is another silly reason I like to collect Chanel - it gives me lots of work-appropriate colors that I would never have taken a second glance at if they were part of the Essie lineup. With the job hunt holding steady and stagnant right now, though, I'm unfortunately gonna really have to start being thoughtful about collecting every single Chanel polish. I'll probably be passing on the September "Moiré" collection in anticipation of "Nuit Magique." The very definition of first-world problems, I know!

Élixir had a similar formula to #647 Lilis, good not great with a tendency to bald spots when I used thin coats. I did 1 thin coat and 1 medium coat to even things out, and didn't have to do any cleanup, but it's still not the best Chanel has to offer in terms of formula.

Worn August 14 - 15, 2013.

Indirect natural light
Direct sunlight

Direct sunlight
Indirect natural light - indoors
Indirect natural light

As I mentioned, I don't have any similar colors to Élixir. I compared it to Chanel in #581 Cinéma, a pretty neutral deep red creme and Chanel in #537 Riviera a lighter mid-tone bright pink creme for context. You can see where Élixir falls between red and pink and the dustiness to it.

To see more Élixir, I like Color Me Loud's swatches and comparisons, Café Makeup's comparisons (I don't find her swatches of this polish to be the most accurate), and Beautezine's swatch.

Do you like Élixir? What final things do you want to squeeze in before the end of summer?


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