Chanel in #647 Lilis + Comparisons

Direct sunlight - late afternoon

Most recently, I wore Chanel in #647 Lilis. This is the final polish from Chanel's Summer 2013 "L'Été Papillon de Chanel" collection. Obviously, with two vibrant duochromes in the collection, this polish was kind of an underdog. But, it turns out I LOVE it. I was so surprised by how gorgeous this was on. Lilis is limited edition, and Chanel's corals and pinks tend to go relatively fast - for example, Chanel in #571 Fracas was released for Spring 2013 and is already sold out, whereas polishes like Sky Line (Fall 2012) and Gold Fingers (Winter 2012) are still available - so if you want this one, I would act soon.

Chanel describes Lilis as an "intense coral," and that's a pretty apt description. It's a bright coral creme that leans toward the orange side of the spectrum. It dries a couple shades darker and brighter than the bottle color. I have a ton of corals, so I'm not easily impressed, but when I put this shade on, I was in a rush to make a lunch date and it gave me a huge smile from how great it looked and how little expectation I had for it.

Lilis does have a slightly finicky formula. I applied it in 20 minutes before I had to leave, and I didn't have time to do thin coats because the formula was a bit sticky and tended to bald spots. I did 1 thin coat and 2 medium coats to avoid this, and it worked out find with no detriment to wear. Lilis dries extremely glossy, but of course I always apply Seche Vite too.

Sorry about the dirt on my index finger - I think it's smudged mascara that I wiped off and didn't notice. Also, I did have to adjust the color of my pictures a little bit. On my camera, the pictures came out accurate, but when I uploaded them to my computer, it turned the color about 10 notches too pink, so I adjusted for that.

Up next should be Chanel in #591 Alchimie, so stay tuned!

Worn June 13 - 19, 2013.

Indirect natural light
Direct sunlight
Indirect natural light
Direct sunlight
Direct sunlight - late afternoon

I did a few different sets of comparisons for Lilis because it seemed like there must be a dupe out there. The first set is with other Chanel polishes: Chanel in #203 Miami Peach, Chanel in #307 Orange Fizz, Chanel in #549 Distraction, Chanel in #571 Fracas, Chanel in #557 Morning Rose, Chanel in #489 Rose Insolent, and Chanel in #537 Riviera. Lilis is the most orange, but I hope you can see that it still has a some pink to it. Lilis and Fracas are the most vibrant, but Fracas is a warm pink, not quite coral. Lilis looks the most glossy, but that's because I used Seche Vite on its swatch stick while the others have Beauty Secrets, which is a non-quick-dry, thinner top coat that I use because I can buy a big bottle at Sally Beauty for cheap (I was out of it when I swatched Lilis).

For the next comparison, I chose a set of vibrant coral and pink cremes to help give some context. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics in Grandma is also an orange-leaning coral but much less so than Lilis, which in this comparison could be mistaken for straight orange. Essie in #559 Infatuation is cooler still and not as bright. China Glaze in Wicked Style is a warm fuchsia that's bright but deeper than these other colors. Barry M in #NPP1 Limited Edition Pink is actually a slightly warm-leaning bright pink, but it looks very cool next to these other polishes. In terms of brightness/vibrancy, I would rank them, highest to lowest: Wicked Style, Lilis, Grandma, Limited Edition Pink, Infatuation.

I have way too many corals, but these are the polishes that are closest in my collection: Sally Hansen Salon in Sumptuous Petal (lighter, less bright, more pink, sheerer, jelly finish), OPI in Give Me a Coral Sometime (just slightly more pink in base color, pink shimmer, less bright, sheerer, jelly finish), CND in #365 Toxic Perfection (lighter, less bright, a bit more yellow, gold shimmer, jelly finish), Essie in #839 Sunday Funday (lighter, a bit more orange, less bright, silver micro glitter), Misa in #264 Bop Til You Drop (a touch lighter, a touch less bright, just slightly pinker, subtle gold and pink shimmer), Rescue Beauty Lounge in Coral (just as bright but a touch lighter, a bit more pink, jelly/creme finish), Finger Paints in Pop Rock Pink (lighter, a touch more pink, a touch less bright, subtle orange and pink shimmer), and Essie in #686 Cute as a Button (lighter, much less vibrant, more pink). Out of these, my favorites are Sumptuous Petal, Lilis, and Coral.

I've found that some people's pictures of Lilis tend to wash it out a bit, so keep that in mind. Here are some other swatches that might be helpful: The Beauty Look Book swatches and comparisons 1 and 2, Ommorphia Beauty Bar swatches and comparison, Manicurator swatches, Audreyeleven's Flickr swatch, and Color Me Loud swatches and comparisons 1 and 2.

Did I give you a new lemming? Or do you still think there's a dupe out there (there must be one somewhere but not in my collection!)?


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