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Sally Hansen Sugar Coat in #230 Pink Sprinkle over Chanel in #589 Élixir (Two Ways)

Indirect natural light

After I had bought and swatched this one, I knew I wanted to get it worn and over with. I'll be straight and let you know right now, it's not a winner for me. But I wore it, it had a chance, and now I can add it to the purge pile. This is Sally Hansen Sugar Coat in #230 Pink Sprinkle. It's from the Summer 2013 "Sugar Rush" collection, the second release of SH's textured polishes. Their first release included all opaque, flat-style texture polishes, which I'm not a big fan of - I'm more intrigued, of course, by the textures with SPARKLE! So, Pink Sprinkle looked promising. But it's sheer. Definitely not as sheer as #210 Royal Icing from this same collection, but sheer enough that the texture particles show through. The color is pretty; the flakies are pretty; the texture particles look like a skin infection. I made it shiny on the second day and didn't like the effect any better, sorry to say. 

On my swatch stick it took 4 coats to get Pink Sprinkle semi-opaque. I layered it on top of Chanel in #589 Élixir, which is not the exact same color as Pink Sprinkle but close enough for me to see whether it would be a keeper. Pink Sprinkle is a warm fuchsia jelly texture polish with a moderate amount of gold flakies (they're colored more pink/red from the base).

The formula was fine, I used 2 thin coats. Textures do take longer to dry fully - they'll feel dry to the touch, but give them a couple hours before you do any serious business with your hands. 

Worn August 15 - 17, 2013. 

Direct sunlight
Indirect natural light

Indirect natural light
Direct sunlight

Here's Pink Sprinkles with top coat. I used 1 coat of Gelous because I was trying to be lazy, and 2 coats of Seche Vite on top didn't fully smooth out the bumps, so I would recommend 2 coats Gelous before you add any top coat. I liked this version better but not enough to merit re-wearing this polish.

Direct sunlight
Indirect natural light

How these polishes look swatched on their own, for reference:

You don't need close-ups to see the texture particles, but here it is anyway:

Here are a few more swatches of Pink Sprinkle: All Lacquered Up, Oh Three Oh Four, and Steph's Closet.

So, how are you feeling about textured polishes? I thought I would be really into them, but after trying two, I'm not completely sold. Do you like how Pink Sprinkle looks or would you pass?


Rach said...

To quote another blogger friend, this is maybe not my favorite polish on you. :/ But I did enjoy that layering combination! PERFECT. :D

I have Royal Icing, and I'm trying to figure out what would go well with that.

J. said...

Rach - I am GOING to get back to you - you've met your shitty correspondent match! And, I have Royal Icing too, and I haven't found the perfect layering combo either - it's SO sheer. I'm finding that even though I thought I would be down with textures, I'm one of the lame-os who actually prefers them with top coat.

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