Chanel in #571 Fracas + Comparisons

Direct sunlight

Here are my new and improved pictures of Chanel in #571 Fracas. Fracas was a limited-edition polish from the Spring 2013 "Printemps Précieux de Chanel" collection. I had taken some pictures back in January, but with the diffused lighting from the snow, they made this polish look rather bland and soft. As you can see, Fracas is really a vivid, bright shade. The French translation I think most applies to this polish is "wallop" because it packs a punch (out of school a couple months, and I'm resorting to cheesy copy like this)!

Chanel describes Fracas as a "vibrant pink. It is a bright, yellow-based pink with extremely subtle gold, pink, and white pearl shimmers - you really can't ever see the shimmer on the nail, although you can sometimes see it in the bottle. It's just the right level of bright but still sophisticated, and it's unique to my collection. The color reminds me of South Korea, where I was born; their national flower is the rose of sharon or hibiscus.

Source: Beechwood Landscape

I am positive that my bottle of Fracas was a bad one. Every single review I've read has talked about how amazing the formula is, which is common for their vibrant cremes. My bottle was overly thick and had a gloopy, balding formula that wouldn't self level; when I applied it on the nail there were sporadic chunks of dried polish that worked their way on my nail. I'm pretty sure this was a fault of Neiman Marcus's quality control, since my bottle seemed like it might have been opened before I got it. In any case, clearly the formula was a big disappointment for me back then. However, for these pictures, I thinned the shit out of Fracas and shook it up really well (I actually added a tiny bit too much thinner), and the formula was much better if now a little too thin. Most people won't have any problems with the formula going by others' descriptions, but I just wanted to mention it. I used 3 thin coats of Fracas.

Worn January 21 - 23, 2013.

Indirect natural light - indoors

Indirect natural light - indoors
Direct sunlight

These pictures were taken in winter lighting, so Fracas isn't showing as bright as it is now in the summer, but you can still get the right context for comparison. Barry M in #NPP1 Limited Edition Pink looks blue-based in comparison to the rest of these polishes, but it's really a neutral pink; it's cooler than Fracas. China Glaze in Wicked Style is darker and a bit more berry. Essie in #559 Infatuation has a little more blue and is slightly dusty. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics in Grandma is moving into the coral category - a bit lighter with more yellow than Fracas. Misa in #264 Bop Til You Drop is like a darker version of Grandma with subtle pink and gold shimmers in it. Essie in #839 Sunday Funday has a bit more yellow than Grandma and subtle white pearl flakie shimmer.

Here is Fracas compared to some other Chanel polishes, which I don't think need delineating: Chanel in #557 Morning Rose, Chanel in #549 Distraction, Chanel in #489 Rose Insolent, and Chanel in #537 Riviera. Fracas is brighter than all of these polishes. Rose Insolent comes closest, but it has more blue (although it is a neutral pink) and doesn't have any subtle shimmer.

I also placed Fracas in between a range of coral, orange, and cooler pink colors to help give you a better idea where it falls on the spectrum. Here are Chanel in #203 Miami Peach, Chanel in #307 Orange Fizz, Chanel in #647 Lilis, Chanel in #549 Distraction, Chanel in #557 Morning Rose, Chanel in #489 Rose Insolent, and Chanel in #537 Riviera.

Here are some additional posts with Fracas I found useful: The Beauty Look Book comparisons, Makeup and Beauty Blog swatch, and Kai's Obsessions swatches and comparisons.

Do any of you have Fracas? What's your favorite bright pink?


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