Rescue Beauty Lounge in Teal

Rescue Beauty Lounge in Teal (sunlight)
There's not too much to say about this one. I love it. I like it as a vampy for summer because it goes well with lots of brights and isn't blackened.

The formula is one of the formerly typical RBL-perfect cremes (the formula lately has been less consistent). I used 2 coats and could have gotten away with one (I did have to do a bit of cleanup because I was polishing while watching So You Think You Can Dance). I really like the RBL brush; it's just long enough and thin, but not too thin, flexible, but not floppy.

Usually Teal is slightly more on the green side of teal, but it is a rather perfectly balanced polish on the blue-green spectrum. In cool natural light, obviously it pulls more blue. This is a good vampy that never really looks black. I took one picture in as low light as I could get (in fully daylight), and although it's dark, it never looks black unless you're in very dim lighting. I forgot to take pictures, but Teal is much deeper and a bit more green than Illamasqua in Muse (ALU has a comparison). Teal is bluer and very slightly lighter than Nicole by OPI in Kourtney Had a Little Lam Lam *eyeroll at that name* (see Goose's Glitter comparison). Teal is more green and slightly darker than OPI in Ski Teal We Drop - I wouldn't consider them dupes (Perfectly Polished tips comparison).

Teal was released in the Fall/Winter 2008 collection, but is sold out unless it is voted to bring back. I got this and a ton of RBL's in the 50% off sale a few years ago, so I have very fond memories of this polish. Worn June 27 - July 1, 2012.
Outdoors, direct natural light
Outdoors, indirect natural light
Indoors, natural light
Indoors, natural light
Indoors, indirect artificial light
Do you own Teal? How do you like it for summer?


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