Layering with Lynnderella in Forget You Not

Direct sunlight
As soon as I put on Essie in #756 Smooth Sailing, I knew I wanted to put Lynnderella in Forget You Not over it. I won't be buying any more Lynn's, but I have a lot of her polishes and I'm trying to go through and figure out which polishes I want to keep and which I want to purge. I really like Forget You Not! 

This is Lynnderella in Forget You Not (2 coats) over OPI in Barre My Soul (1 coat) over Essie in #756 Smooth Sailing (2 coats). Cilucia at Spaz & Squee showed Forget You Not over Smooth Sailing and I thought the colors were a good match but needed a little more contrast. I added a thin coat of OPI in Barre My Soul, which is a beige jelly with a hint of peach. I chose Barre My Soul because orange and blue are complementary colors, so I thought the the peachiness of Barre My Soul would make Forget You Not pop the most. I think it worked out - there's just enough contrast between the base and glitter that they, you guessed it, complement each other. I used 1 thick coat of Gelous and 1 coat of Seche Vite for a glossy, smooth finish. There was a bit of shrinkage at the tip because my base colors were dry, but it wasn't bad.

Lynnderella in Forget You Not is from the Winter 2012 "Lovely is as Lovely Does" collection. Lynn originally described it as "multi-sized periwinkle hexagons, pink sparks, blue sparks and cornflower-pink shimmer in a sheer blue base." I didn't notice a tint to the base at all. This is a very nice glitter to work with because the base is not at all thick. I could spread the glitter on as I would apply a normal polish and then go back and dab extra glitter in spots and it didn't leave lumps from thick suspension base. The polish is composed of pink and blue shimmer; small, medium, and large cornflower blue hex glitter - the small hex glitter appears to be flat while the medium and large are shimmery; and medium blue/purple opalescent glitter (think the glitter in Lynnderella in Bride of Franken). OPI in Barre My Soul is from the Spring 2012 Soft Shades "NYC Ballet" collection. Essie in #756 Smooth Sailing is from the Summer 2011 "Brazilliant" collection. Worn July 27 - 31, 2012.

Direct sunlight

Indoors, indirect light
Indirect light
Diffused flash
Natural light
Natural light
Direct sunlight
Bottle pictures to show the glitter composition:

Nail pictures to show the glitter composition:

Different layering options and more swatches can be found at Spaz & Squee, Adventures of a Mad Scientist, More Nail Polish, Steffels, The PolishAholic, Nailin' It!, and Body & Soul,

If you don't want to troll eBay for Forget You Not, Cirque in Ophelia looks similar (although I don't own it to confirm subtleties in difference). Cirque is a newer indie brand, but seems to be drama-free so far! I have not purchased from them, so I don't have any personal experience on that point, though. Here are swatches I've seen: The Polished Perfectionist, Also Known As..., Polish Wasteland, Nailin' It!, Nails and Noms, and Cirque Colors; swatch stick pictures from Nails and Noms and Nihrida.

So do you like this combination? What would you layer Forget You Not over? Have you tried Cirque?


  1. I think they go great together!)
    btw, I'm your new follower) you can check out my blog if you'd like)

  2. Maria - Thank you! I just checked out your blog and it's great; I'm a new follower!

  3. Just wanted to let you know that this person on eBay is using your photos to sell their bottle of FYN:

  4. Anonymous - Thank you so much for making me aware of this. I guess I will have to start watermarking. :(


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