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Marc Jacobs in #212 Surrender Dorothy + Comparisons & a Layering Combo

Direct sunlight
Today, let's have a look at a polish I haven't seen get much attention. This is Marc Jacobs in #212 Surrender Dorothy, released for Spring 2016. Marc Jacobs released a few polishes for the permanent collection this spring that weren't exactly grouped in with the pastels I posted earlier, and this was one of them.

Surrender Dorothy is a rosy red glitter including small hexagonal glitters and microglitters in a clear base - the same composition as Marc Jacobs in #148 Glinda. It builds up pretty well because the microglitter fills in the gaps between the slightly larger small glitter; this is 3 thin coats with 1 coat of Gelous and 1 coat of Seche Vite. The formula is good for a glitter, not thick and gloopy.

I do find this to be an odd color for a Dorothy-inspired polish - although this does make it more unique in the realm of "ruby slipper" polishes. It does better match the color the actual shoes from the movie have faded to, though.

I don't really like this color on its own, so I decided to layer it over Sinful Colors in Haute Koffee (swatched on its own here). See more after the jump.

Indirect natural light
Direct sunlight
Direct sunlight
Indirect natural light
Surrender Dorothy has a few possible origins that might connect with Marc Jacobs. Most obvious is Marc Jacobs's love of The Wizard of Oz: his Spring/Summer 2015 collection had a set inspired by Dorothy's house, he has used "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" in both his beauty campaign featuring Jessica Lange and his Autumn/Winter 2010 RTW, he has named other items in his beauty line after the film, he was guest judge on an episode of RuPaul's Drag Race with a The Wizard of Oz theme, and he designed a Wicked Witch of the West doll to commemorate the film's 75th anniversary (see here for other designers' dolls).

Image via The Fashion Doll Chronicles blog

Surrender Dorothy also has significance in the LGBT community. I would expect that anyone of my generation probably learned of the phrase "friend of Dorothy" from Clueless. Surrender Dorothy was also the name of a group that was part of ACT UP (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power) in the '80s. Finally, Surrender Dorothy is a cult film. The more you know!

As I mentioned earlier, the color of this polish was a little insipid for me, so I decided to see how it would look layered over something vampy. I used 1 coat of Surrender Dorothy over 2 coats of Sinful Colors in Haute Koffee, plus 1 coat of Gelous and 1 coat of Seche Vite to give a glossy finish. I liked this effect much better.

Indirect natural light
Direct sunlight
I don't have any polishes that are the same color as Surrender Dorothy. It's definitely darker than those typical pink glitters, such as Deborah Lippmann in Some Enchanted Evening. But it's not a true red like the other red glitters I own.

Direct sunlight
Indoors - shade

Essie in Ruby Slippers, Zoya in Chyna [with top coat], and China Glaze in Ruby Pumps all have their differences from each other, but they're much more different from Surrender Dorothy.

What's your favorite "ruby red" polish? And do you prefer this one on its own or layered?



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