Marc Jacobs #202 Sunday's Cool, #204 Good Friday, #206 Resurrection, #208 Peep, and #210 Confession Swatches + Comparisons | Spring 2016 Collection

I'm finally getting around to swatching the Marc Jacobs Spring 2016 collection. I've slowly collected the majority of MJ polishes, and the names here appealed to me, so I snatched them up. The brand went with a seemingly typical pastel assortment, but I actually don't have any duplicates in my collection!
Direct sunlight

Indirect natural light

#202 Sunday's Cool is one of my favorites from this collection. It's a sort of dusty periwinkle creme - the most blue-leaning a purple can go before become blue. In some lighting it actually does look blue, but the majority of the time it's purple. Some cool purples can make my warm skin look sallow, but this was flattering on me. I used 2 thin coats - formula was good but don't fuss with it too much or you'll get ridges.

Essie in Rock the Boat is a more typical baby blue with silver sparkles. Chanel in Sky Line is a frosty sky blue with a bit of purple and it's a frost. Sinful Colors in Magik Touch [sic; this is Kylie Jenner polish *cringe*, hence the 'k'] is close to Sunday's Cool, but it's a matte finish polish with a touch more blue and a silver shimmer. American Apparel in L'Esprit is a bit warmer and deeper, but pretty similar, although it's long discontinued and probably hard to find. SpaRitual in Lucid is a deeper slightly dustier version of Sunday's Cool. Sinful Colors in Kurtsey (yes, I went kind of H.A.M. with the Kylie polishes, but they were so cheap!) is warmer, deeper, and has silver shimmer - it's supposed to have a satin finish, but I found it dried pretty shiny.

Direct sunlight

Indirect natural light

Marc Jacobs #204 Good Friday is a slightly yellow-toned, mint green creme. The formula on this was slightly thick and brushstroke-y, so I used 3 thin coats. If you added some nail polish thinner, I think you could pull off 2 coats.

I own a ton of mint green polishes, but didn't have anything close. There might be an Essie I've missed along the way, but I was surprised I didn't have a closer match. Essie in Mint Candy Apple is darker with more blue, and I would never classify it as dusty - but in comparison to Good Friday it almost looks it. Nicole by OPI in Hint of Mint is darker, a bit warmer, and with gold shimmer. Essie in Absolutely Shore is more yellow and a bit darker; again, it looks almost dusty in comparison with Good Friday.

Direct sunlight

Indirect natural light

#206 Resurrection was another one of my favorites. It's a warm pale pink creme. It's one of those colors that makes you look "polished" - no pun intended. The formula on this was slightly thick and streaky. I used 3 thin coats. I think even if you thinned it you would still likely need 3 because of the streakiness.

Chanel in #625 Secret is a peachy nude; it's darker and more yellow. Chanel in #543 Frisson is darker and more pink with a jelly finish and gold shimmer. Chanel in #167 Ballerina is pretty close in color, but it's a sheer polish, so your natural nail color will show through a bit and the effect is softer and less stark. OPI in You Callin' Me a Lyre? is a bit darker, and it's also a sheer polish, so it gives a softer appearance on the nail.

Direct sunlight - color edited for accuracy

Shade - color edited for accuracy

Indirect natural light

#208 Peep is a slightly cool light pink creme. Sorry, these photos are a little wonky looking - I had to majorly color edit them to show true-to-color. This isn't a color I normally go for, but I did actually like it on. The formula was definitely too thick for me. I added thinner and did 2 thin coats. As I mentioned, I don't own many polishes in this color family, but for reference, OPI in Mod About You is lighter and cooler. From pictures, OPI in Pink Friday might be close.

This comparison is just for context, since I don't own anything similar. The only color close in this batch is Chanel in #475 Mica Rose, which is a bit warmer with white pearly shimmer.

Direct sunlight

Indirect natural light


#210 Confession is a mid-tone blue-leaning grey creme. My skin tone brings out the warmer aspects of this color, but it is one of my bluest greys (prior to this I always thought of Rescue Beauty Lounge in Stormy as quite a blue grey). You can see these tones more out of direct sunlight. I'm a big grey fan, and this is no exception. 2 thin coats, great formula.

China Glaze in Concrete Catwalk is more warm-toned and quite a bit deeper. Nubar in Stronghold is warmer and deeper. Arielle in U-Concrete-Me is warmer and a bit deeper. Nubar in Palisade is cooler and lighter. RGB in Steel is more green-leaning and a bit lighter. Rescue Beauty Lounge in Stormy is warmer and a bit lighter (the differences are more apparent in the sunlight picture).

Do any of these polishes catch your eye? Whenever I see pastels in spring collections, I think of Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada: "Florals? For spring? Ground breaking." But I do really like Marc Jacobs' take on them.


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