Rescue Beauty Lounge in Santa Fe [Road]

Indirect natural light

This is Rescue Beauty Lounge in Santa Fe [Road], which was released with the Spring/Summer 2012 "G.O.M.M. [Georgia On My Mind]" collection. The brackets refer to the original names; due to legal issues, all references to Georgia O'Keeffe had to be removed. You can learn more about this from RBL's creator, Ji, here. As far as I'm concerned, this was stupidity on both sides - the museum for sending the cease and desist and Ji for not knowing that there was an organization that managed O'Keeffe's estate. It was my understanding that these polishes would only be available until the first-run was sold out, but apparently the whole collection is still being sold on the Rescue Beauty Lounge site. However, just so you are aware, the polish comes without a label on the bottle and with Sharpie marks on the boxes "correcting" the names.

Santa Fe [Road] is a dusty orange creme with green/gold shimmer. In the bottle you can see that the shimmer is green, but on the nail it mostly looks gold, and it is subtle but apparent. The polish does lean warm in the bottle, but on my skin it takes on a bit more of a pink tone. It's a nice orange that ranges from soft to deeper and dusty depending on the lighting. It is a unique color in my collection.

The wear on this polish was okay, but I generally tend to get quicker and more significant tipwear with Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes than with most polish brands. In my sunlight pictures, which were taken 2 days after application, you can see the wear and a chip on my middle finger. The formula applies wonderfully, as is typical for Rescue Beauty Lounge cremes. I used 2 thin coats.  

Worn October 29 - 31, 2012. 

Direct sunlight
Indirect natural light - indoors
Indirect natural light
Direct flash
Direct sunlight

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Does this orange appeal to you? What are your favorite softer oranges?


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