Chanel in #521 Rose Caché + Comparisons

Indirect natural light

Happy New Year! I'm not big on resolutions. Why not live each day with intention? - to sound a bit New Age-y. Too often last year, a difficult year, I was simply trying to get through each day. So, this year my goal is to try to better follow this advice from Ralph Waldo Emerson: "Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year." I hope your 2013 is filled with days that are full and good!

Chanel in #521 Rose Caché was released with the Fall 2012 "Rouge Allure Velvet" collection and is currently part of the permanent line. It's not normally a color I would look twice at, but I find it really flattering on. As soon as I applied it, it made me think of Rescue Beauty Lounge in Om. The colors are not very alike, but it's just the mood this polish puts me in: very serene, soothing, and elegant. Rose Caché is a mid-tone neutral pink-nude with Chanel's subtle shimmer, which is comprised of primarily pink, but also purple and gold shimmers. The shimmer is not noticeable unless you look for it, except in sunlight when it just peeks out. This polish leans pretty nude, with a slight pink tinge, on me. On fairer or pinker skintones, the pink will probably be pulled out more. Chanel in #493 Jade Rose is a beige version of this polish.

Although this shade may look boring, it's one I've gotten a ton of compliments on - and not just from so-called grandma-color lovers. I work as a writing tutor at my university, and I've gotten multiple comments on this mani. The one I think best sums it up is a girl who grabbed my hand and said, "Oh my God, this nail polish makes your hands look so good!" That might sound weird, but that's exactly the type of polish Rose Caché is; it sends a statement that you look good without being a statement polish. 

The formula is sheer but not streaky, and it's easily buildable. I did 3 thin coats, and I would have been okay with 2 if I weren't taking pictures. 3 coats did add more depth, though. It wore very well, with no chipping and barely any noticeable wear. Worn October 8 - 14, 2012.

Direct flash
Indirect natural light - indoors
Indirect natural light

Indirect natural light

Direct flash

I don't have another polish that's very close to Rose Caché - most of my nudes have a lot less pink in them. CND in #530 Desert Suede is the closest in base color, but it's warmer, darker, and more brown. Chanel in #493 Jade Rose has the same shimmer colors, but in a beige base, which hides the shimmer more than Rose Caché. I find Rose Caché a lot more flattering on me than Jade Rose. Essie in #721 Demure Vixen has more visible shimmer, and the shimmer leans more purple; its base is a dusty nude-mauve.

Here are some other swatches of Rose Caché I found helpful. They help demonstrate how Rose Caché takes on a different hue based on different people's skin tones. Check out The Beauty Look Book swatches and comparisons, another comparison, and a ton more great comparisons; Ommorphia Beauty Bar swatchesNatural n Chic swatches and comparisons; Polish Police swatches and comparisons; Audreyeleven's Flickr swatch; Fashion Polish swatches, Front Row Beauty swatchesMakeup Magpie nail wheel swatches and comparisons; Rachel Marie's Nails swatches; and Karla Sugar tape swatch.

What do you think of Rose Caché? What's your favorite polish to make your hands look good?


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