Chanel in #539 June + Comparisons

So, I'm having a bad run with my picture-taking. This was yet another polish that was hard to capture. I didn't do any photo correction for this one. My flash photos give an accurate representation. 

Chanel in #539 June was released as a limited-edition color for the Spring 2012 "Harmonie de Printemps" collection, although it is still available on the Chanel website. I really loved everything I got from Chanel's spring makeup line, but initially thought that the three Le Vernis were the least interesting items. However, having worn both #533 April and June, I've found them to both be compelling and unique colors in my collection. 

Chanel describes June as a "pastel apricot," which is a pretty apt description. It is a soft orange creme that leans pink - almost none of the other swatches I've found capture this. It is not quite melon, but apricot isn't the exact color either. It is in the same soft range as #495 Mica Rose - right in between stark pastel and eye-popping bright. At times it seems like it could pass for work-appropriate, but at others it's definitely eye-catching.

In contrast to others, I found the formula on this wasn't perfect. I do use thin coats, but I needed 3 total - 2 thin, 1 thicker for even coverage. It didn't flow perfectly on the nail - at points it got that "sticky" feeling, where it didn't want to spread, even though it was still wet. It wasn't bad, but not what I was expecting from some reviews. Worn August 19 - 23, 2012.

I leave the following pictures with little commentary, except to let you know that the polish generally appears as it does in the flash photos. It almost always has a pink tint to it, so the pictures in sunlight are least representative, although it does appear that color at times and the pictures capture the general softness/vibrancy-level. You can see that it ranges from looking paler to mid-toned, softer to slightly dusty.

Direct sunlight - sunset
Direct sunlight - sunset
Indirect sunlight

Indirect natural light
Bottle picture with Essie in #16 Cantaloupe and June to give an idea of how pink it leans (that is to say, just slightly, but not as much as Cantaloupe):

Top to bottom: Chanel in #539 June, Essie in #16 Cantaloupe
I'm showing you Essie in #16 Cantaloupe to give you an idea of how June falls between melon and light orange. I don't have many light oranges, but I included SpaRitual in Treasure, a shimmery tangerine, to give you a color reference. June leans more orange than Cantaloupe, but is lighter and with slightly more pink (and obviously has no shimmer) than Treasure.

I will warn you that I found most of the swatches to show June without the slight pink tone. I don't know if I got an odd bottle, or everyone was having trouble capturing it (the way they look on other blogs is how my camera gravitated toward coloring it as well). Accurate swatches: The Posh PolishThe Beauty Look Book comparisons, Karla Sugar tape swatch, Natural n Chic Makeup, and Indigo Kir Royale swatch and comparison. Less color-accurate, but still possibly helpful swatches (particularly for comparison purposes): The Beauty Look Book swatch, Ommorphia Beauty Bar swatches and comparisons, Polish Police (swatch 1, swatch 2 and comparisons), Gems in a Bottle, Burb Beauty (swatch, comparisons), Polish or Perish, Joey'space swatch and comparisons, Front Row Beauty, and Temptalia. Jessica came out with a collection that purportedly duped Chanel's Spring 2012 polishes, although I never saw direct nail-to-nail comparisons between them. From pictures, they look close, and I know that Jessica also produced dupes of Chanel's Fall 2011 "Illusions d'Ombres de Chanel" collection (#525 Quartz, #529 Graphite, #531 Peridot), which were basically exact matches. In any case the Jessica "Bliss is This" collection swatches can be seen on Scrangie and The Polish-Aholic.

So what do you think of June? Does it seem unique to you? I usually wear vibrant oranges, but what do you prefer - soft or bright?


  1. It's really nice color, though I wouldn't wear it often...So I'd better buy some dupe) I wish somebody made comparisons with this Jessica collection!

  2. In Burb Beauty's comparison picture, China Glaze in Peachy Keen looks pretty close, just a bit less pink!


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