Chanel in #500 Rouge Essentiel + Comparisons

Direct sunlight

Continuing with my review of the new Le Vernis reds, I swatched Chanel in #500 Rouge Essentiel. This one falls in between #510 Gitane, which is a bright cherry tomato red, and #528 Rouge Puissant, which is a deeper mid-tone neutral red. Rouge Essentiel is a bit brighter and warmer than Rouge Puissant and significantly deeper than Gitane. It's a bright mid-tone neutral red. If you want a red that pops but is still work appropriate, this is the one in the lineup that fits the bill.

Rouge Essentiel applies as is typical of Chanel red cremes: flawlessly. I used 2 thin coats. No staining.

Direct sunlight

Indoors - shade

Indirect natural light

I've got a few comparisons this time.

Chanel in #528 Rouge Puissant (creme) is a bit deeper and cooler. Marc Jacobs in #196 Poison Apple (crelly) is a bit brighter - and this one stains my nails. Chanel in #508 Shantung (creme) is a bit deeper and has more pink. Rouge Essentiel and Poison Apple are similar enough that you only need one.

Chanel in #581 Cinéma (creme) is deeper and slightly dusty in comparison. Chanel in #475 Dragon (creme) is a bit warmer and deeper and doesn't have the same brightness. (You know the drill with Marc Jacobs in #196 Poison Apple.)

And here's the round up of Le Vernis reds in the current line from my Gitane post. You can see them compared with #546 Rouge Red here.

Bottle comparisons with the addition of some oldies:

My picks of the reds I've reviewed? I like #530 Rouge Radical for a bright red - #546 Rouge Red if we're talking permanent collection. And I love #528 Rouge Puissant for a classic red. What do you think? Which is your favorite so far?


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