100 Days | Chanel in #603 Charivari + Comparisons

Direct sunlight

Today marks 100 Days of Trump. Thus, I have to show you Chanel in #603 Charivari. Charivari translates in English to "chaos," "tumult," "pandemonium," or "mayhem." It's only too fitting. Sad! Interestingly, I also found this rather applicable information from Wikipedia:

"Charivari are terms for a folk custom in which the community gives a noisy, discordant mock serenade, frequently with pounding on pots and pans... . The loud, public ritual evolved to a form of social coercion, for instance, to force an as-yet-unmarried couple to wed." A variation of charivari in England was called a skimmington, "a practice in which a raucous punishment is dramatically enacted to humiliate one or more people who have violated, in a domestic or public context, standards commonly upheld within the community." Other customs similar to charivari practiced "around the world have involved making loud noises to scare away evil spirits."

🤔 Take from that what you will. 

Charivari was released in the Spring 2014 "Notes de Printemps" ("Notes of Spring") collection. (It is likely that charivari here is music "taken up by composers of the French Baroque tradition as a 'rustic' or 'pastoral' character piece.") It is a deep warm plum creme with a bit of dustiness to it. It needed 2 thin coats. 

I pulled out a thematically appropriate polish from my photo archives for today, so I haven't had a chance to photograph comparisons, but I will include those as soon as possible.

Direct sunlight

Indirect natural light

Indoors - shade


China Glaze in Dusk (subtle shimmer) has a similar tone but a lighter base, as well as subtle pink/gold shimmer. I don't know why I didn't put Rescue Beauty Lounge in Recherche (creme) next to Charivari. They are obviously the closest match; Recherche is a bit deeper and cooler, but I don't think you need both. Chanel in #669 Châtaigne (creme) is cooler and much deeper. Deborah Lippmann in Miss Independent (creme, swatches and comparisons here) is less dusty and has more pink.


On this crazy fucking momentous day and all others moving forward until this horror is over, take time for yourself; take time for your friends and family. And in between those moments, Resist · Organize · Protect. We will get through this. We will fight through this. 


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