SpaRitual in Sacred Ground

Direct sunlight - sunset

Today I'm showing you SpaRitual in Sacred Ground. Sacred Ground was released with the Fall 2011 "Wilde" collection and is one of the most beautiful, unique colors in my stash.

It is also one of the most unflattering polishes I've ever worn. Seriously, these macro pictures can't truly portray how much like death warmed over this polish makes me look. I can't even describe it - it's not that it makes me look washed out or sallow, it just makes my hands look like a reanimated corpse with good nail hygiene! The lover of unique, beautiful colors in me wants to keep this, but the 1,000+ polish owner is telling me to give it up. I'm going to give it another try in the summer when I have a tan, but I have a sinking feeling that won't help. I've read Sacred Ground described multiple times as having a brown-grey base. I don't know if there are batch discrepancies, but the bottle I own has a cool, dusty purple-blue-leaning grey base - like a lighter, more greyed, dustier version of Zoya in Kelly. The base is  a creme, but it is packed with shimmer - purple, pink, blue, silver, gold, so that it looks like a smooth pebble speckled with mica. Most of the shimmer is uniform in size, like a traditional shimmer pigment, but the gold shimmer is small flake-type shimmer.

Application of this polish was wonderful. I used 2 thin coats that went exactly where I wanted them to. SpaRituals have a rather thin brush, but I think it really works with the formula.

SpaRitual is a totally underrated brand in my opinion. Their bottles are beautiful, despite my preference for angular bottles since they line up so nicely. The cap is rubberized but doesn't attract dust like Nars's caps. It has grippy ridges and is ergonomic. SpaRitual does retail for $10, which doesn't make me particularly happy, but they have some gorgeous colors. There are two downsides to the brand; one, they are owned by Orly, so you have to be careful as they do have dupes between brands, and two, they aren't readily available in brick-and-mortar stores (the only place I know of that carries SpaRitual is Aveda/Juut salons, and they have a limited selection).

My camera really wanted to make Sacred Ground look more grey than it is, so I took these over about a week to get color-accurate shots, and some of these pictures have a bit of tipwear because they were taken at 5 days of wear. 

Worn November 1 - 5, 2012.

Indirect natural light

Rescue Beauty Lounge in Santa Fe [Road]

Indirect natural light

This is Rescue Beauty Lounge in Santa Fe [Road], which was released with the Spring/Summer 2012 "G.O.M.M. [Georgia On My Mind]" collection. The brackets refer to the original names; due to legal issues, all references to Georgia O'Keeffe had to be removed. You can learn more about this from RBL's creator, Ji, here. As far as I'm concerned, this was stupidity on both sides - the museum for sending the cease and desist and Ji for not knowing that there was an organization that managed O'Keeffe's estate. It was my understanding that these polishes would only be available until the first-run was sold out, but apparently the whole collection is still being sold on the Rescue Beauty Lounge site. However, just so you are aware, the polish comes without a label on the bottle and with Sharpie marks on the boxes "correcting" the names.

Santa Fe [Road] is a dusty orange creme with green/gold shimmer. In the bottle you can see that the shimmer is green, but on the nail it mostly looks gold, and it is subtle but apparent. The polish does lean warm in the bottle, but on my skin it takes on a bit more of a pink tone. It's a nice orange that ranges from soft to deeper and dusty depending on the lighting. It is a unique color in my collection.

The wear on this polish was okay, but I generally tend to get quicker and more significant tipwear with Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes than with most polish brands. In my sunlight pictures, which were taken 2 days after application, you can see the wear and a chip on my middle finger. The formula applies wonderfully, as is typical for Rescue Beauty Lounge cremes. I used 2 thin coats.  

Worn October 29 - 31, 2012. 

Direct sunlight

OPI in Live and Let Die

Indirect natural light

Here is OPI in Live and Let Die from the Holiday 2012 James Bond "Skyfall" collection. This is one of the few from this collection that I snatched up. I like the whole collection, but only a few seemed special enough to justify a purchase at this point in my collecting life. I got a lot of compliments on this one.

I wear a lot of vampies in the fall and winter, and this is a great vampy in a non-traditional color. OPI describes Live and Let Die as a "private jet black," but it's really a bit lighter - a blackened green-leaning teal creme with small gold flake shimmer. The shimmer isn't in-your-face, but it's not hidden either. The base reminds me of a cross between OPI in Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow and Sephora by OPI in Dark Room, but unlike those polishes, it is not at all sheer. Like those polishes, it has a slight dusty quality to it. In low light it does look just black, but in most light the green is apparent.

OPI designed this polish very well. It would be opaque in 1 medium-thick coat (I used 2 thin coats), but the shimmer still has some depth to it, where it's lying slightly under the base and peeking through. It's not a flat shimmer - it catches the light well - but it's so fine that it doesn't read as a sparkly polish. The formula is flawless - although it did feel like the ProWide brush was wider than usual in my bottle.

My pictures this time are not ideal. It took 4 days for the sun to come out, so my sunlight pictures show scratches, because I had filed my nails the night before. And my flash pictures have a blanket fiber on my index finger, which I didn't notice until I was editing. Apologies!

Worn October 17 - 21, 2012.

Direct sunlight

Chanel in #521 Rose Caché + Comparisons

Indirect natural light

Happy New Year! I'm not big on resolutions. Why not live each day with intention? - to sound a bit New Age-y. Too often last year, a difficult year, I was simply trying to get through each day. So, this year my goal is to try to better follow this advice from Ralph Waldo Emerson: "Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year." I hope your 2013 is filled with days that are full and good!

Chanel in #521 Rose Caché was released with the Fall 2012 "Rouge Allure Velvet" collection and is currently part of the permanent line. It's not normally a color I would look twice at, but I find it really flattering on. As soon as I applied it, it made me think of Rescue Beauty Lounge in Om. The colors are not very alike, but it's just the mood this polish puts me in: very serene, soothing, and elegant. Rose Caché is a mid-tone neutral pink-nude with Chanel's subtle shimmer, which is comprised of primarily pink, but also purple and gold shimmers. The shimmer is not noticeable unless you look for it, except in sunlight when it just peeks out. This polish leans pretty nude, with a slight pink tinge, on me. On fairer or pinker skintones, the pink will probably be pulled out more. Chanel in #493 Jade Rose is a beige version of this polish.

Although this shade may look boring, it's one I've gotten a ton of compliments on - and not just from so-called grandma-color lovers. I work as a writing tutor at my university, and I've gotten multiple comments on this mani. The one I think best sums it up is a girl who grabbed my hand and said, "Oh my God, this nail polish makes your hands look so good!" That might sound weird, but that's exactly the type of polish Rose Caché is; it sends a statement that you look good without being a statement polish. 

The formula is sheer but not streaky, and it's easily buildable. I did 3 thin coats, and I would have been okay with 2 if I weren't taking pictures. 3 coats did add more depth, though. It wore very well, with no chipping and barely any noticeable wear. Worn October 8 - 14, 2012.

Direct flash