Chanel in Khaki Brun + Comparisons

Indirect natural light

I'm wearing Chanel in Khaki Brun, released with the first and best Fashion's Night Out collection, Fall 2010 "Les Khakis de Chanel." Khaki Brun looks much more brown than I expected - I was thinking it would be a dirty olive, which is one of my favorite polish colors. This polish is not a duochrome, but it shifts from looking taupe to olive, warm to cool - even in the same lighting. I love it.

This is 2 thin coats. The formula was the perfect Chanel creme - 1 thicker coat would be perfectly opaque.

It was tricky capturing all the different colors this polish shows up as, so I took pictures at different times over about a week, which is why some pictures show tipwear and growth.

Worn September 17 - 27, 2012.

Indirect natural light

Additional pictures, going from greener to more taupe:

Direct flash
Indirect natural light

The following two pictures show the taupe-to-green appearance in the exact same lighting:

Direct flash
Direct flash
Direct flash

Comparison with other olive cremes:

Left to right: Rescue Beauty Lounge in No More War, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics in Swamp Thing, MAC in Dry Martini, Chanel in Khaki Brun
Bottom to top: Rescue Beauty Lounge in No More War, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics in Swamp Thing, Chanel in Khaki Brun, MAC in Dry Martini

 Comparison with olive shimmers:

Left to right: Essie in #708 Armed and Ready, Rescue Beauty Lounge in Anne, Chanel in Khaki Brun, Estée Lauder in #26 Metallic Sage, Nars in Mash

 Comparison with taupes:

Left to right: OPI in You Don't Know Jacques!, Essie in #698 Mink Muffs, Chanel in Khaki Brun, Dior in #611 Exquis
You can find more swatches of Khaki Brun here: Lacquerized, The Beauty Look Book swatches and comparisons, Polish PoliceAll Lacquered UpTemptalia, Makeup and Beauty Blog tape swatch, Café MakeupKarla Sugar, Polish or PerishVampy Varnish, Krasey Beauty, Lu Zieht AnOmmorphia Beauty Bar comparisons, Joey'space comparisons, Nailed Up comparisons. The promo image is also actually color-accurate. I only found one picture comparison, but I've heard that OPI in A-Taupe The Space Needle is similar, but a little lighter and slightly less green - Scrangie's swatch of the OPI is super close to how Khaki Brun looks on me.


  1. Great color and definitely their best FNO collection! I wonder if perhaps new Dior Amazonia is close to being a dupe?

  2. Hermetic - The Ommorphia link in my post compares the two - Amazonia is darker and less brown, but still awesome!


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