Rescue Beauty Lounge in Purple Haze

Flash - Canon PowerShot Vivid mode
Another purple, another couple days of frustration with my camera! The first picture I took is actually very color-accurate to how it looks indoors. I took about 75 pictures and only one came out close to color-accurate - and I had to use Vivid mode with my camera to get it there. Uggghhh. The following two pictures are altered with Photo Studio for color-correction purposes only. The first gives a good idea of how it looks in direct sunlight, the second how it looks in indirect natural light. Apologies for the mark on my index finger - ballpoint pen - I must really be back at school!

The polish I'm wearing is Rescue Beauty Lounge in Purple Haze. Purple Haze was released with the Spring 2008 collection. It is very unique in my collection. It's a neutral mid-tone purple creme that can look soft or bright depending on the lighting.

Whatever else you might say about the Rescue Beauty Lounge brand, when you apply their polish, you can forget about the rest of it (minus Underwear/Underware). The formula of Purple Haze was less opaque than most RBL cremes - I used 3 thin coats - but it went exactly where I placed it with no pooling or streaking. Purple Haze is slightly less self-leveling than some of the others, but really this formula is one that is a pleasure to apply. Worn September 8 - 11, 2012.

Flash - color-corrected sunlight conditions 

Flash - color-corrected indirect natural light conditions

Additional color-accurate pictures of Purple Haze can be found at ScrangieKellie GonzoKeerthamina Pretty Ballerina, The Polish Addict (swatch and comparisons), Polish Police comparisons, All Lacquered Up (swatch and comparison), Lextard's Flickr, Tobywoo (swatch not completely color-accurate, but useful comparisons), and Polish or Perish.

Do you love RBL cremes as much as I do? Does Purple Haze look unique to you? I hope you're having a good September and keeping remembrance for September 11. My thoughts are with all the lives lost that day - and on subsequent days through our decision to go to war. One of the most moving pieces about 9/11 I've ever read is a first-person account by Sarah D. Bunting titled "For Thou Art With Us." I hope by remembering we can not only honor lives lost, but celebrate hope for a better, more peaceful future. 


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