Chanel in #577 Mimosa

Chanel in #577 Mimosa, how many ways can our relationship be dysfunctional? I love you so much, but you are no fun to apply or photograph. Also, this?

Oh, hey! Three ballz!!! (not color-accurate)
might be too kinky for me. (Still sexier than 50 Shades of Grey, though amirite, ladies, or amirite?)

Haha, okay, sorry for the lapse into goofiness. Sometimes reading about the infinite technicalities of grammar in written Standard American English can do that to a person. Let's get down to business.

Mimosa was released with the Summer 2011 "Les Fleurs d'Été" collection - which was an amazing collection, as were most Chanel collections last year. (Chanel's new releases for 2011 included "Côte d'Azur," Spring 2011Rouge Coco ShineFall 2011, "Byzance," "Les Aquarelles," Fashion's Night OutHoliday 2011, and "Knightsbridge.")

Most of the pictures I took made Mimosa look like a primary yellow or lemon yellow (green-tinged), but I managed to get these three. Unfortunately, they are with flash and had to be taken using zoom and holding my hand about 4 feet away from the camera, so the resolution isn't the best and the shimmer isn't shown to its greatest effect. Mimosa is a sunshine yellow - the base is warm with the slightest bit of pink in it. It is not pastel, but it can look both soft and pale or bright and vibrant at different times. The shimmer in is looks predominantly gold/yellow, but there are green and red shimmers in there as well. The shimmer is the typical Chanel-subtle type, but on the visibility spectrum its closest to Coromandel: visible if you look closely in any light and visible from hands-length in sunlight. It helps prevent it from looking chalky or like flat paint, which yellows can sometimes lean toward. So, I love the color. It is so flattering for a yellow on my skin-tone, and even when I'm pale, it makes me look tanner instead of sallow. I'm still trying to decide whether or not to buy a backup. The problem here is the formula.

Mimosa is an improved version of the Chanel yellow, but just barely. I've read some reviews that said they used 3 coats, but maybe they do thicker coats than I do. I needed 4 coats - 3 thin and 1 medium coat for full opacity. You can see from my pictures, which are after 3 days of growth, that 4 coats just looks thick on the nail; it's not really noticeable when my polish is still up against my cuticle, but once my nails grow out even the slightest, it's time to remove, because it's just too messy looking for me. It is also slow-drying. I did my nails at night and 6 hours later, my nails were still dentable (they did eventually dry). The formula is streaky, doesn't want to spread out, and isn't self-leveling. One good thing about the formula is that, although there is cuticle pull, when you go back over the bald spot to even it out, it actually does correct instead of becoming even worse. However, it also dries a bit dull, so it really needs top coat.

And yet, despite these issues, it's one of my favorite yellows. Worn September 12 - 14, 2012.

Base color is darker, but this shows the green, gold/yellow, and red shimmer

I did comparisons with other yellows in my post on Chanel in #287 L.A. Sunrise.

Taking pictures myself and then referring back to other blogs, it's really surprised me how often blogs will have pictures up that aren't color-accurate with no warning that they don't reflect the real look of the polish - not just Mimosa, but polishes in general. Most pictures show Mimosa to be a primary yellow or to have a lemon-green tint, which is not right. Here are some other true-to-life swatches: Nailin' It!, Lextard, All Lacquered UpKellie Gonzo, Frazzle and Aniploish swatch and comparisons (sunlight pictures only), Death by Polish, Fab Fatale swatch and comparisons, Polish or Perish, Gilded Nails comparison, and Ommorphia Beauty Bar (bottle pictures only).

What was your favorite Chanel collection or product this year? My most used product is the Chanel Rouge Coco Shines - I own almost all of them. I also loved the Spring, Fall, Byzance, and Holiday collections! Do you think Mimosa is more flattering than L.A. Sunrise on me? Any tips for making my camera more color-accurate? Do you like yellow nails?


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