Chanel in #203 Miami Peach + Comparisons

Direct sunlight

My birthday was July 2, and I wore one of my favorite corals to celebrate: Chanel in #203 Miami Peach. From what little I can find, this was released in 2005 (I'm assuming in the spring or summer collection), but it was part of the permanent collection for at least a few years, because I don't think I picked this up until 2010.

Miami Peach is a gorgeous coral jelly with small gold flakie shimmer. It leans a bit more to the orange side of coral. It's both punchy and serene - a polish that always garners compliments and is surprisingly difficult to dupe. Like Lilis, these pictures did upload too pink again, so I color-corrected to adjust for that, which is why my skin looks a bit odd in the sunlight pictures. I wish someone could invent a camera that is always color accurate, and that there weren't disparities between monitors, systems, etc.!

The formula for Miami Peach is thin but absolutely lovely. I needed 4 thin coats to build up this level of opacity, but they were a total breeze to apply, and the polish dried quickly despite the amount of layers. If you can find this polish, I do recommend you snap it up - it's one of my favorite Chanels.

Adding yet another apology about not updating with more frequency. The job hunt is a little disheartening at the moment - cover letters are the bane of my existence!

Worn July 2 - July 9, 2013.

Indirect natural light - sunset
Indirect natural light
Direct sunlight
Indirect natural light

I do believe that there must be some combination that will give you a similar result to Miami Peach. How could it be that hard? And yet, I can't think of how I would achieve it - the gold flakes in CND in Gold Sparkle are too large, and I can't think of a coral jelly that matches Miami Peach's base, so it would have to be custom frankened. Let me know if you come up with a recipe you think works!

Chanel in #549 Distraction is a creme base with fuchsia shimmer. It's darker, more orange, and the shimmer is more subtle. OPI in Give Me a Coral Sometime looks like it might have a fairly similar jelly base, although a bit darker and more pink, but it is much sheerer and takes on a completely different look with the prominent fuchsia shimmer. Chanel in #5577 Morning Rose is the most similar in composition, being a jelly with gold flakie shimmer. However, it is a warm lighter-leaning mid-tone pink and is more opaque. CND (original formula) in #365 Toxic Perfection is the closest, but it is a bit more orange and vibrant, with more prominent gold flakie shimmer. Chanel in #307 Orange Fizz is an opaque creme with no shimmer and is more orange. Essie in #16 Cantaloupe has a similar serene feel to Miami Peach, but is a peach creme with no shimmer that has only the slightest bit of pink in it and is a bit more opaque.

Here are some links for more of Miami Peach: The Beauty Look Book swatches and comparisons 1, 2, 3, and 4Love8Brain's Flickr swatch, Audreyeleven's Flickr swatch, Steph's Make-Up Flickr swatch, Polish Police comparisons, Fashion Polish comparisons, and The Ultimate Makeup comparisons.

What do you think of Miami Peach? What's your favorite coral? Hope you guys are having a great summer!


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