Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Jewel Overcoat in White Veil over Chanel in Diwali

Direct sunlight

This is 1 coat of Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Jewel Overcoat in White Veil over 2 coats of Chanel in Diwali. White Veil was released in Spring 2012. Chanel in Diwali was released in the Summer 2012 "Bombay Express de Chanel" collection.

This is a very cool glitter, especially from a non-indie brand. White Veil has a clear base with medium white opalescent hex glitter and sparser large gold hex glitter. There's no shimmer in the base. It's unique, but still subtle for a glitter - what I would call a "classy" glitter (although I hate that word).

This polish has a really nice formula for a glitter: great density, not too thick, and very easy to spread. 1 coat of thinned Gelous and 1 coat of Seche Vite made it perfectly smooth.

Worn October 2, 2012.

Direct sunlight - sunset
Indirect natural light
Direct sunlight - sunset

I searched for some White Veil layering combos and found them at Scrangie (over nude creme), Polish or Perish (over turquoise creme), Pretty Little Bottles (over pink jelly), Polish and Charms (matte over taupe creme), Imperfectly Painted (over cornflower blue creme), and Jen's Wonderland (over white jelly). All of them show off White Veil to better effect than my layering - the white glitter gets a bit lost over Diwali.

Does White Veil appeal to you? What would you layer it with? I'm curious how it would look in a jelly sandwich with a deeper color!


  1. very pretty! would you prefer to say "elegant glitter"? I find it very "elegant"! lol!

  2. Natalia - Haha, yes, elegant is a much better word!


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