Chanel in #409 Paradoxal

Indirect sunlight
These pictures where taken about three days into wear, so apologies for a bit of growth and less shine than is ideal. Chanel in #409 Paradoxal is one of my favorite Le Vernis. I'm a huge sucker for taupes and for Chanel's subtle shimmers, so put them together and you get something special and classic. This has a cool taupe base with subtle violet and pink shimmer. In most light the shimmer isn't readily detectable, but even when you can't see it it makes the polish shift from cooler purple to warmer taupe. This isn't one of those wham-bam! Chanel shimmers, like the Russies, where the shimmer really glows in direct sunlight. However, the shimmer is still more visible in the sun than I was ever able to capture.

This polish was introduced with the Fall 2010 "Les Contrastes de Chanel" collection and is currently a permanent item in Chanel's makeup line. Unfortunately, the price has increased a bit, and Chanel is rather capricious and swift when they decide to phase out a color - which is why I say you should never hesitate on a Chanel. They seriously only improve in value, so snap it up before you have to live with the regret! Worn from April 21-26, 2012.

Indirect sunlight with white balance 
Indirect sunlight
Indirect sunlight
Direct sunlight


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