Chanel in #510 Gitane + Comparisons

Direct sunlight
When I picked up the Fall 2016 "Le Rouge Collection No 1" polishes (swatches and comparisons here), I also picked up the rest of the reds released in the permanent line this spring. I decided to wear the most summery red first. This is #510 Gitane, a bright medium cherry tomato red creme (in comparison to #473 Coromandel, swatches and comparisons here, which I would call a traditional tomato red). I don't find this type of red to be the most flattering on my skin tone - I prefer either a red-orange or a deeper, more blue-based red, but the formula and wear on this were impeccable. I used 2 thin coats because I like a more gel-like finish, but this polish was opaque in one. The formula was just slightly thick for my preference, but it went exactly were I placed it and self-leveled: no ridges, no pooling, no staining! 

By the way, I am just using my usual Seiche Vite top coat with these, not the Chanel Le Gel Coat, since I already get great wear with these polishes, but Sabrina at The Beauty Look Book did mention she found that top coat to increase wear time with poor performing polishes; she also found the new Le Vernis Longwear polish has better lasting power (I haven't found a difference, but I typically get 5-14 days with most polishes).

Gitane translates to "gypsy woman," but Gitanes are also a popular brand of French cigarette. The packaging is blue and white, but I found a vintage poster from 1960 by Hervé Morvan featuring a similar red:

Source: eBay
Worn August 14 - 23, 2016.

More pictures and comparisons after the jump.

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Sinful Colors in Angelik + Comparisons

Direct sunlight
I ended up picking up 15 polishes from the Kylie Jenner collections for Sinful Colors - not because I wanted to support her (I'm indifferent), but because they are so cheap, and - let's face it - there were a lot of great colors. Today, I'm showing one of my favorites, Sinful Colors in Angelik, a very pale, slightly cool-toned pink with white-flashing-gold shimmer and a matte finish. In some lights, it's so pale it looks like a soft white. I've really been drawn to these delicate, pretty colors lately. This one looks great matte and with top coat to bring the shimmer out. The formula is a bit thinner than I prefer, but application was a breeze. Because it has a matte finish, it dries really quickly. I did 3 thin coats - no issues with ridges or unevenness.

This was part of Sinful Colors's "Kylie Jenner Denim & Bling" collection for Summer 2016. SC & KJ released 3 different collections this summer: "Denim & Bling," "Trend MATTErs - Pure Satin Mattes," and "Trend MATTErs - Velvety Demi Mattes." And, you can see the cap of Angelik has "Trend Matters" printed on it, even though on their website and in their displays it was part of "Denim & Bling." Overall, these releases were a convoluted mess - some polishes were available at Walgreens or Target exclusively, and my Walgreens stores never received them. I got some at Target, but the majority I purchased online on They are still available there (I don't see them in stores anymore), and there's a promo code for 25% off regular priced beauty and personal care products using GLOWOUT at checkout (expires at 11:59 p.m. CST on August 27), if you're interested. The page I've linked shows all the Sinful Colors collections, and if you're looking for Angelik, it's listed under the "Trend MATTErs Collection Shimmer Mattes" link. đź™„ Also, the Sinful Colors website has a store finder for each Kylie collection here if you want to go out and hunt.

With all of that said, I have more swatches, including pictures with top coat, and comparisons after the jump.

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OPI in Movin' Out over Deborah Lippmann in Sexyback and Marc Jacobs #200 in Blacquer

Last month I got the urge to wear a duochrome, so I threw it way back and pulled out OPI in Movin' Out. This antique is from the Holiday 2003 "Holiday on Broadway" collection that also included the vintage classics Man of La Mancha, Mamma Mia, La Boheme, Thoroughly Modern Milli, Rent, Opening Night Gold, and SRO (Standing Room Only) Silver. OPI used to do special polishes so right! Not these lumpy glitter metallics we've been offered recently.

Movie' Out is a sheer polish; it couldn't be built up to cover the nail line at 4 coats - and you wouldn't want to anyway because the duochrome really pops when layered. The shimmer particles in this one aren't used much anymore - they're slightly larger and more scattered, and they really glow and stand out in the light. These particles pigments are mixed into a sheer light pink cool-toned base. Some people compare the pigment to Clarins 230 (swatched here), but the effect is definitely less vampy because of the base used in Movin' Out. Layered over a similar base, the effect is subtle; you mostly catch the larger shimmer and a gold shift. But over deeper colors, there's an ever shifting array of gold, rose gold, teal, forest green, lime green, olive, blue, and purple that comes out - very reminiscent of the rainbow effect you can see on beetles. Swatches after the jump!

Chanel in #528 Rouge Puissant & #530 Rouge Radical Swatches + Comparisons | Fall 2016 "Le Rouge Collection No. 1" Collection

The Fall 2016 "Le Rouge Collection No 1" marks the first collection with Chanel's new Global Creative Makeup and Colour Designer, Lucia Pica. Previously, Chanel Beauty was led by Creative Director Peter Philips, and since his departure for Dior in 2013, the collections haven't had a specified director.  Of her debut collection, Pica says, "Red is a pillar color for Chanel. So, it sort of made sense for me to start somewhere very familiar and very important for the brand. Really what I wanted to do was to explore the meaning of a color, and what's behind this color. How does this color make you feel, and how does this color make you think? And, I thought that an interesting way of showing this would be to show my process of inspiration. Because it was about one color, I decided to make a book and a video with a collective of people that I have a relationship with and that [sic] really understand my vision. This collection is very much about the power of femininity, and its strength, its vulnerability, its sensuality. Me, I'm a woman, and I'm talking to women by creating this collection, so I wanted to do something that represents what women are in terms of color. Mademoiselle Chanel used to say, 'Put your red lipstick on and attack!' which I find very inspiring as a woman." You can see a bit more from this brief promo below:

As a whole, the collection is gorgeous (see promo pictures here), but for a nail polish lover, adding two more reds to Chanel's bounty is not the most exciting start. However, these are two polishes seem to represent Pica's emphasis on making a strong statement through makeup that is bold, simple, and modern. I will include more information on Pica, her inspiration for this collection, and her palette for the next collection at the end of this post, but for now, let's get in to swatches and comparisons.