Chanel in #18 Rouge Noir, #18 Vamp, #757 Rose Fusion, and Le Top Coat Lamé Rouge Noir Swatches + Comparisons | Holiday 2015 "Rouge Noir Absolument/Vamp Attitude" Collection

For Holiday 2015 Chanel has released a collection filled with gorgeous tributes to one of their most famous polishes, #18 Rouge Noir. The collection is available in piecemeal fashion in stores (I found mine at Neiman Marcus Fashion Island) and online. Unfortunately, the release has been a bit confused. From what I can gather, the collection is called "Rouge Noir Absolument" for European customers and includes the polish #18 Rouge Noir. Based on what is available for purchase so far in the U.S., I believe we are getting the collection "Vamp Attitude," which includes the polish #18 Vamp. But, I can't be positive because Chanel's PR team sent Temptalia Rouge Noir to review, not Vamp! This is even more confusing for many people unfamiliar with Chanel polishes because Vamp used to be the same polish as Rouge Noir when it was originally released in 1994 (the two names, I believe were used for the U.S. and European market respectively). However, Chanel re-launched Vamp in 2003 under the same name, but with a completely different formula! Even more confusing to me is why they're now acting like Rouge Noir should only be for the European market, since they've re-released it many times in the U.S. since 1994 (most recently last year, if I recall correctly). In any case, both polishes are an important part of Chanel history, but it's a shame if Rouge Noir is not available for this release celebrating that very history, especially since I prefer it to Vamp. With that convoluted discussion out of the way, I should mention the other two polishes in this collection are #757 Rose Fusion and Le Top Coat Lamé Rouge Noir Gold Sparkle Nail Coat. Another picture heavy-post with swatches and comparisons after the jump.

Chanel in #519 Rose Exubérant, Chanel in #673 Singulière, & Chanel in #675 Troublante Swatches + Comparisons | Winter 2015 "Rouge Allure" Collection

For Winter 2015 Chanel has released another "Rouge Allure" collection. This includes two new polishes, #673 Singulière and #675 Troublante, and one re-released polish, #519 Rose Exuberant. I have quick and dirty swatches plus comparisons. It's a picture-heavy post everyone!

I am still working on setting up the blog sale! Stay tuned for that and posts on the other Chanel polishes released this year. Coming up as soon as I get the pictures edited is the Holiday 2015 collection. I already have the top coat watched on my Instagram.