Chanel in #563 Vertigo

Direct sunlight

Okay, first, I want to apologize for these pictures. Due to winter light-searching, it took a few days to get sunlight pictures, so there is some scratching on my top coat. And, I think this is when my best friend's life started to implode, and I was pretty stressed out, which is reflected in how scary-tight my fingers are gripping the bottle in many of these pictures. It also left me little time for clean-up; I can tell I only used an orange stick and didn't do any clean-up with acetone and a brush, so my application is less tidy than I'd like macro to capture. It's making me cringe!

I'm wearing Chanel in #563 Vertigo. Vertigo was released with the Fall 2012 "Les Essentiels de Chanel" collection. I'll admit that it was around this collection that I started to get a little antsy with the Le Vernis releases. I mentioned last post that I have my Chanel's on a wall rack, and I was feeling a little uninspired when I went to choose a color. Vertigo is a bit of a disappointment as far as polish inspiration goes. It's a nice color that's surprisingly unique for a deep taupe, but the promos and the shimmer in the bottle promised much more. This is one of the most subtle of Chanel's hidden shimmers. It is just barely visible in full light and only if you're looking closely for it. This does make it a work-friendly color, but it isn't quite special enough to make me excited. The color is a slightly cool, purple-leaning taupe (deeper than Paradoxal). There are subtle gold, white, and red shimmers, with the red shimmer dominating. But seriously, don't buy this polish if you want to see the shimmer.

The formula was great. I used 2 thin coats.

Worn November 12 - 17, 2012.

Direct flash

Nails Inc. in Baker Street + Comparisons

Indirect natural light - color-corrected

Guys, things are so crazy right now - I haven't worn polish in over 3 weeks! But thankfully I have a significant backlog. You've definitely seen this color before. This is Nails Inc. in Baker Street, an amazing bright cobalt blue creme. I wouldn't say it's straight cobalt - it has a tiny touch of purple to it. Baker Street was difficult to capture accurately, so I had to color-adjust some of these photos. 

Application of Baker Street was slightly thick, but not too bad - I used 2 thin coats. I wore this a while ago, but I think I recall a slightly glue-y smell during application. 

In any case, this is an indispensable color in my collection. Baker Street was released in Spring 2012 and is currently permanent. I was able to get the lovely crystal cap version on sale from Sephora; it's no longer available in that version, but it is still available in it's regular bottle. 

One thing to note about Nails Inc.'s bottles is that the caps are not removable, so they're not the most fun to hold, but they don't hinder application. 

You might recall that Baker Street was made super famous by Beyoncé post-baby Blue Ivy delivery. I don't think I've ever found a picture that quite captures how vibrant and gorgeous this polish is in person. I had totally forgotten, but this mani was worn in celebration after election day

Worn November 7 - 11, 2012.

Indoors, indirect natural light

Service Interruption

I know this is already apparent given my absence, but I just wanted to give you guys a little life update, since I know it's completely annoying when a blogger disappears on you. I apologize apologize apologize for my lack of posting the past couple months. My wifi internet connection had been extremely spotty since November and was steadily getting worse, so I took it in in February, and some cable behind my display had burnt up, so my computer was out of commission for a while. At the end of February I also came down with what I'm praying is not the same month-long virus that's been being passed around my condo complex. I'm just starting to recover (knock on wood), so hopefully I will have a little more energy to actually do anything besides sleep, cough up phlegm, and watch mindless TV since my head can't focus on reading (needless to say, my final semester of college has been a bit of a challenge so far). Add to that some extremely hectic and exhausting personal issues involving my best friend, and this has been a rough start to 2013. Hopefully in a couple weeks I will feel a little more breathing room to start posting again!