Chanel in #637 Malice Comparisons (15 polishes)

Why, hello. 

I'm still here! School has been kicking my ass, but it's finals next week, and then I will have some time to edit my photos (20 or so manicures all queued up to be posted!). Sorry sorry sorry for the absence.

You might want to buckle up; this is gonna be a wordy, picture-heavy post.

I wanted to get this up before the holidays because a lot of people have been clamoring for a dupe for Chanel in #637 Malice.  I'll get to the point: I haven't been able to find one. However, that isn't to say that one of these polishes won't catch your fancy. Just, if you want Malice, buy Malice. I know it's a splurge for some, but I always think the holidays are a time to give presents (even to yourself) that the recipient will use often and will get a ton of joy from. To me, Malice fits the bill for a polish lover. I have pictures of Malice on its own (and boy is it gorgeous), but this post is already huge enough, so you'll get to see those later.

This post was compiled over a couple months in as many different lighting situations as I could manage. In some pictures the polishes will look close to Malice and in others those same polishes won't. For all of these polishes at least 75% of the time they don't look dupe-y to Malice, but it depends on the lighting situation, and I will try to make that clear for the polishes that are closer. I whittled my comparison list down by comparing it with anything that could possibly come close in my collection. If I own it and it's not pictured here, it's not even comparable (way too black or way too bright; I also didn't include cremes).

I divided my comparisons into 4 groups.

First, the deep burgundies (Nubar in Vino, China Glaze in Short & Sassy, Orly in Smolder, and Misa in #291 Bourbon on the Rocks [near dupe for OPI in German-icure by OPI]). None of these are as blackened as Malice except for Bourbon on the Rocks, which is completely different tonally.

Next, the blackened rubies (Misa in Uptown Glamour [dupe for OPI in Every Month is Oktoberfest], Barielle in Lava Rock, BB Couture in Napa Valley Red, Revlon Street Wear in #15 Blood, Chanel in #18 Vamp, Confetti in #041 Masquerade Ball [dupe for Sephora by OPI in I'm With Brad], and Diamond Cosmetics in #342 Cherry Tobacco). All of these are more blackened than Malice.

Third, the closest matches (OPI in Royal Rajah Ruby and Deborah Lippmann in Bitches Brew). I took flash pictures for all of these groups, so some of the complexity of the colors is lost, and they seem closer to each other than they are in person. Not ideal, but I just didn't want to swatch so many colors on my nails.

Finally, from those colors, I applied the three closest matches (OPI in Royal Rajah Ruby, Confetti in #041 Masquerade Ball, and Deborah Lippmann in Bitches Brew) to my nails to compare with Malice; I also included Orly in Smolder because that is the polish I most frequently see touted as a dupe. I took photos of this final group in many different lights for comparison.

As a bonus, I don't own Deborah Lippmann in Through the Fire, but I was wearing Malice while shopping at a store that carried the line, so I snapped a photo for comparison.

I hope you find this helpful! Many many pictures after the jump.